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Menu...Menu...& Menu! Authentic Chinese Menu or American Chinese Menu!? Bubble Tea Menu?

As most of our fan know, we have three different menus....We offer American Chinese Menu for those who love Chinese Food that offered in most Chinese Restaurant, but Better......Yah, I mean Better!!!




​And, We Have a second Menu which is features in the Best of Cincy Guide for those who love to try what we eat at home....A more Authentic version of Asian Cuisine, where we utilize more exotic spices in food preparation. We use cumin, lemongrass, szechuan pepper, turmeric, tamarind and much more....If you are Food Adventurer, you must try this menu for sure......You won't regret it!!!





Last but not least, Our Fan's favorite Bubble Tea Menu. If you haven't try one before, you owe yourself a try.....Combination of a drink and dessert in one......yum yum!!!!





211  W. McMillan Street

Cincinnati, OH 45219

Tel: 513-744-9800

Fax: 513-744-9300


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